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Sabarmati aashram, Ahmedabad
Image : Bernard Gagnon

Animated Stories

Read animated stories from Panchtantra and Hitopadesh. All stories are in Gujarati with English translation and transliteration. [english key to Gujarati pronunciations]

Defeat Of Corona

See how the corona virus is defeated. Our animated ebook shows children that by washing hands, wearing a mask, distancing and getting vaccinated we can defeat the corona virus.


We have several activities which make children understand safety and health concepts. Children can make their own 3D glasses and view awesome 3D images of Mars.

Alphabet Game

With this interactive game, children will become familiar with Gujarati alphabets!

Learn Basics

Learn basic alphabets, vowels and numbers. Picture vocabulary will teach kids common words for animals, birds, colours [colors], flowers, vegetables, vehicles and many more.

First Words & Sentences

Children will learn to speak their first words and sentences. Simple words and sentences used in daily life.


Grammar is the structure upon which a language is built! Learn Gujarati nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and more.

PDF eBooks

PDF eBooks can help children learn offline. We have PDF books for basic lessons like Alphabets, Vocabulary and first words and sentences.

We will teach children our Gujarati culture and heritage

Learn about Gujarati food, festivals, places, history, heritage and more.
  •     જ્યાં જ્યાં વસે એક ગુજરાતી, ત્યાં ત્યાં સદાકાળ ગુજરાત
    [Jya Jya Vase Ek Gujarati, Tya Tya Sadakal Gujarat]
  •     Wherever a Gujarati resides, there forever is Gujarat (Ardeshar Khabardar)

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Adalaj Step Well, Ahmedabad
Image : Kedar Vaijanapurkar
Handicrafts : Bandhani
Image : Piyush Kumar
Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara
Image : I. Bracknell
Handicrafts : Bharat kaam
Image : Rajendersingh Kain
Black buck, Gir forest
Image : Uday Damodaran
Nagina masjid, Champaner
Image : Arian Zwegers
Jain Temple, Palitana
Image : Bernard Gagnon
Sidi Sayed Jaali, Ahmedabad
Image : Vrajesh Jani
Somnath Temple, Veraval
Image : Prashant Ghotikar
Sun Temple, Modhera
Image : Bernard Gagnon
Food : Daal Dhokli
Image : Kureshizeck
Food : Dhokla
Image : Saurin Joshi
Food : Faafada
Image : Krth123
Sabarmati aashram, Ahmedabad
Image : Bernard Gagnon
Festival : Navratri garba
Image : Calliopejen
Lion, Gir forest
Image : Bernard Gagnon
Girls High School, Sihor
Image : Gazal world
Food : Thepla
Image : Sushant savla
Festival : Uttraann
Image : Rafatalam1
Food : Faafada Jalebi
Image : Sarika
Jumma masjid, Junagadh
Image : Charmi Parekh
Image : Sheetal Kulkarni
Handicrafts : Patolla
Food : Patra
Image : Saurin Joshi
Image : Master purav
Food : Sev tametaa nu shaak
Image : Heenah
Handicrafts : Gujarati decoration
Child learning to write Gujarati
Image : Dharmesh Patel