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Begin learning Gujarati with basic alphabets, vowels and numbers.
Simple grammar concepts will help you learn your first words and sentences in Gujarati and eventually lead you to having complex conversation in Gujarati.

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1) Silver – Alphabets, Vowels and Numbers
2) Silver – Vocabulary Part 1 and Part 2
3) Silver – Grammar Part 1 and Part 2
4) Silver – Conversation
5) Silver – Stories
6) Silver – Activities
7) Gold – Advance Courses 1
8) Gold – Advance Courses 2
9) Gold – Activities
10) Gold – Course Material and 3d Glasses

Courses : Silver – Alphabets, Vowels and Numbers

This course is suitable for children less than 5 years or beginner of any age.


Learn Gujarati Alphabets. ક ખ ગ .. or A B C .. of Gujarati language.
This is your foundation for Gujarati language!


Vowels are letters representing a speech sound.
Learn all vowels used in Gujarati language.


Numbers represent quantity, date, money, time and more.
Learn Gujarati numerals from 1 to 10.

Write Gujarati Alphabets

In this course you will learn how to write Gujarati alphabets.
You will learn how to write all the alphabets.