About Us

About learngujarati.ca

Traditional methods of learning a new language are expensive, difficult and boring.
Our motto “It’s Fun To Learn Gujarati!” has prompted us to deliver language learning which is simple, involving and free.

YOUR involvement is the key to your learning!

Benjamin Franklin on learning ..
   Tell me, and I forget…
      teach me, and I may remember…
         involve me, and I learn.

Our courses have the following advantages :

Learn to read, write and speak Gujarati. Learn by active involvement. Learn current topics like Reduce Reuse Recycle, Fire Safety and Mars exploration. Enhance your knowledge with our lesson supplements. Learn for lifetime! * * One-time registration fee required. Pay once, learn for life!

About the founders

Dhananjay, Co-Founder
Dhananjay has several years of programming experience in web development technologies. With the blessings of his grandfather, who was the principal of a school in Rajkot, Dhananjay put together his skills and experience in building this website.

Alpa, Co-Founder
Alpa has several years of teaching experience. She has taught several subjects, including Gujarati, to students of all ages. She utilized her teaching experience in designing the courses and lesson content.

Our Teachers
Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Gujarati language. They have contributed to lessons and helped with the translations.

About Gujarati

Raas garba and dhoklas are the trademark of Gujarati culture.

Gujarati was the mother tongue of leading political figures like Gandhiji and Vallabhbhai Patel.

Bollywood celebrities like Asha Parekh and Paresh Raval speak Gujarati. Sanjeev Kumar was a Gujarati!

Join the over 65 million people, who speak Gujarati language!

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