Courses Overview

A Journey To Mars
Interesting facts about Mars.
3D Mars Activity
Make your own 3D glasses and view 3D images of Mars!
Animated Stories
Stories with a moral from Panchtantra.
Conversation in Gujarati.
Fire Safety
Fire prevention and safety.
Reduce Reuse Recycle
Help save the environment.
Orange Revolution
Renewable energy sources.
White Revolution
Caring for dairy cattle.
Green Revolution
Per drop more crop. Soil health card.
Blue Revolution 1
Clear blue sky – zero defect, zero effect.
Blue Revolution 2
Exploring ocean resources to benefit mankind.
Computer Security
Protect yourself and your computer.
Global Warming
Learn about global warming and it’s effects.
Health Care
Simple steps for healthy living.
Ocean Literacy
Learn how the ocean influences life on earth.
Water Cycle
Let’s see the processes involved in a Water Cycle.
Acid Rain
Learn about acid rain and how we can reduce it’s effects.
Emergency Preparedness
Simple steps to prepare you for any emergency.
Indoor Air Quality
Care for you air!
Good high up, bad nearby!
Severe Weather
Learn about wild weather like thunderstorms and tornados!
Water Conservation
We must save water for future generations!