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Online Socializing – Part 5

Using Mobile Devices:

What age is appropriate for a kid to have a phone or a mobile device?
That’s something for you and your family to decide.
Consider your kid’s age, personality, maturity, and your family’s circumstances.

What Can You Do?

Phones, Features, and Options

Decide on the right options and features. Some cell phones are made especially for children. They’re
designed to be easy to use, and have features like limited internet access, minute management, number privacy, and emergency buttons.

Get familiar with location-based services.

Many mobile phones have GPS technology installed.
Explain that there can be downsides to letting anyone and everyone know where they are.

Password-protect phones.

Not only can this prevent “pocketdialing,” but it also can help keep information and photos from falling into the wrong hands.


Encourage manners, safeguard privacy and recognize text message spam.

Mobile Sharing and Networking

Use care when sharing photos and videos. Use good judgment with social networking from a mobile device.

What should I know about apps?

Before you pass the phone or tablet to your kids, take a look at the settings. The best way to keep up with kids’ apps is to try them out yourself, and talk to your kids about your rules for buying and using apps.