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Online Socializing – Part 6

Computer Security:

The security of your computer, phone, and other mobile devices can affect the safety of your online experience.

Make Computer Security a Habit.

What Can You Do?

Use security software and keep it updated. Well-known companies offer plenty of free options. Set the software to update automatically.

Keep your operating system and web browser

Create strong passwords, and keep them private.

Don’t provide personal or financial information
unless the website is secure.

Watch out for “free” stuff.

Free games, apps, music, and other downloads can hide malware. Don’t download anything unless you trust the source. Teach your kids how to recognize reputable sources.

Using Public Wi-Fi Securely

Many public places — like coffee shops, libraries, and
airports — offer Wi-Fi hotspots.

What Can You Do?

Use secure Wi-Fi networks.
Use secure websites.
Don’t stay permanently signed in to accounts.