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Online Socializing – Part 7

Child’s Privacy:

Let’s say your child wants to use features on a site or
download an app that collects their personal information.
Before they can, you should get a plain language notice about what information the site will collect, how it will use it, and how you can provide your consent.
The notice should link to a privacy policy that’s easy to understand.

The privacy policy must give details about
the kind of information the site collects, and what it
might do with the information — say, if it plans to use the information to target advertising to a child, or give or sell the information to other companies. In addition, the policy should tell you how to contact someone who can answer your questions.

What Are Your Choices?

As a parent, you have control over the personal
information companies collect online from your kids.
Protect Your Child’s Privacy!

A site or service has to get your consent before collecting personal information from your child and it has to honor your choices about how that information is used.

Understand the site’s information practices. Start by
reading how the company plans to use your child’s

Be picky with your permission. Decide how much
consent you want to give. For example, you might give the company permission to collect your child’s personal information, but not allow it to share that information with others.

Know your rights.

Once you give a site or service permission to collect personal information from your child, you’re still in control. As the parent, you have the right to review the information collected about your child. If you ask to see the information, keep in mind that website operators need to make sure you are the parent before providing you access. You also have the right to retract your consent any time, and to have information collected about your child deleted.