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Online Socializing – Part 1


People of all ages are:

  • connecting with friends and family online
  • downloading apps and accessing content
  • sharing what they’re doing and where they are
  • sharing photos and videos from mobile devices
  • building online profiles and reputations

Communicating online is a way of life, yet it comes with certain risks:

Inappropriate conduct:

The online world can feel anonymous. Kids sometimes forget that they’re still accountable for their actions.

Inappropriate contact:

Some people online have bad intentions. They might be bullies, predators, hackers, or scammers.

Inappropriate content:

You may be concerned that your kids could find pornography, violence, or hate speech online.

In our upcoming blogs, we will discuss following topics about Online Socializing:

  1. Online sociliazing
  2. Cyber bulliying
  3. Talking to your kids
  4. Using mobile devices
  5. Making computer security a habit
  6. Protecting your child’s privacy

source: FTC