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Reflected Light

Sun’s reflections are amazing!

If you are a photographer or nature lover, you cannot have enough of sun’s beauty. It has been photographed millions of times. If the day is bright and clear we can have stunning images of reflected sunlight.

Reflected light can be fantastic, if it is a bright sunny day. But as we all know, a reflection can only be as good as the source of the light and a clear environment.

The same is true when it comes to bringing up our children. Our children are the reflections of our upbringing. They will learn to live their lives from us. They will learn our culture and values from what we teach them. Our teachers and society also have a big impact on the values they will imbibe. When our children move forward in their lives, they will shine the world with their own internal light. The light that they got from us.

We know that parents play a primary role of “sun”. They give their children all the light of culture and values of life. But in today’s stressful environment, it may not be possible to focus on kids. In order to supplement the parents’ guidance, we have Gujarati cultural courses designed specifically to teach Gujarati culture and heritage to our kids. Let us join you in your effort to keep up the flame!