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Why punish me?


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Why all this trouble? Why punish me? All I wanted to do was to browse the website and help my child learn Gujarati!! Why do I have to click again from my email and register? Why do I have to register at all?

In our post You Are Safe, we discussed privacy policy and how the leading search engines and Government agencies are striving to keep the internet a safe place.

We would like to draw your attention to two facts.

One, while safety controls and protocols are applied to the websites, there is no control over who is browsing! Many websites have experienced hack attacks and had their information compromised. In an ideal world, both the visitors and the website owners must be happy! All visitors are curious browsers or serious customers with no harm intended. And all websites are diligent and deliver what they promise. Long way to go!!

The second fact is that spam actually exists! If proper steps are not taken, websites will start having fake logins and registrations. While most of the times it may be harmless, sometimes it can cause serious damage!

In order to protect our subscribers and people like you, we have adopted a double opt-in registration process.

Let’s keep our children happy and safe!

We will soon be coming out with important safety tips for children when they browse online or are on their mobile devices. Let our children be aware of cyber-bullying!