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Your information is safe with us

Google and other leading search engines are very strict with businesses that have a website. They want the internet to be safe and enjoyable.

They have several controls in place to ensure that the websites you visit are safe. They want the website content to be exactly what they portray it as. They will give a low ranking to websites that do not follow their guidelines. One of the factors affecting website ranking is user experience. We will do our best and bring you the best and most informative content.

There is a lot of control and regulation over personal information. Most of the countries in the world have adopted a safe practice policy and have a privacy commission in place.

We have adopted a privacy policy which is in line with the framework and guidelines issued by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Any information you share about yourself or your children, will be safe with us. Please take some time and review our Privacy Policy.

In order to reduce spams, we have adopted a double-opt-in registration. This is a 2 step process.

You subscribe / buy on our website
We will send you an email to complete the registration.
When you click on the link in our email, you will be directed back to our website to complete the registration.